Meet Our Founders

DSC_4433Anne C. Klein and Harvey Aronson, PhDs in Buddhist Studies with a long, shared history of learning from the highest lamas of Tibetan traditions, founded Dawn Mountain in 1996.  As practitioners, scholars, translators and gifted teachers, they serve Western seekers of all stripes and have fostered a strong community of advanced students that reaches from Houston to Portland, Oregon; Berkeley, California; Bloomington, Indiana; Ithaca, New York; Copenhagen, Denmark and beyond.Anne Klein, whose Tibetan name is Rigzin Drolma, earned a BA with highest honors in English from Binghamton University, an MA in Buddhist Studies from the University of Wisconsin, and a PhD in Religious/Tibetan Studies at the University of Virginia.  She was awarded a post-doctoral research fellowship in Women’s Studies and Religious History at the Harvard Divinity School.  Anne has published six books, including Meeting the Great Bliss Queen, Knowledge and Liberation, and most recently, Heart Essence and he Vast Expanse: A Story of Transmission. authored countless articles in various Buddhist periodicals.  Anne just received a four-year grant from the Khyentse Foundation to support her students’ teaching of Tibetan language at Rice.Harvey B. Aronson, in Tibetan Namgyal Dorje, holds a BA in Chemistry from Brooklyn College, an MSW from Boston University, and a PhD in Buddhist Studies from the University of Wisconsin.  He has studied extensively with prominent teachers in the Geluk, Dzogchen and Theravada traditions in India, Nepal and the United States.  Harvey is the author of Buddhist Practice on Western Ground and Love and Sympathy in Theravada Buddhism, and a recognized scholar of the intersections between traditional Buddhist practice and Western therapeutic modalities.

Anne and Harvey have been practicing and studying together in Asia and the west since 1970. They received the title of Lama, Vajra Master from their teacher in 2010 and in teaching context are known respectively as Lama Rigzin Drolma and Lama Namgyal Dorje.  

In 1973 Anne and Harvey began studying with Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche, who was born in central Tibet in 1920 and traveled to India in 1959 where he was asked by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to lead the school of the Nyingma tradition in Japan, which he did for 10 years.  He then returned to India and founded a school to educate Tibetan monks in the Nyingma tradition.  He is the author of a 13-volume history of all of the Tibetan Buddhist traditions and traveled extensively to teach in Asia and the West until his death in 2009.

Anne and Harvey have been married since 1976 and have been traveling the path together since they met in Wisconsin in 1970.

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