Bedrock Initiative


Dawn Mountain’s Bedrock Initiative

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture the spiritual growth of our diverse, local, and global community, providing a living bridge between traditional Tibetan Buddhist teachings and curious people everywhere.

  • We offer classes, retreats, and on-going programs for adults, children and teens.
  • We draw from ancient and modern wisdom to teach life skills useful to everyone — kindness, presence, and rewarding connections to family and friends.
  • We offer authentic teachings from the Indian and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, whose ancient wisdom still flows to us today. We share that wisdom in ways that make sense to people in the 21st century, regardless of nationality, race, or position in life.
  • We are a close and supportive community. We practice and talk together, celebrate and mourn together.
  • We serve Asian Buddhist communities as well through our translation and preservation of Tibetan writing and oral teachings.

We need a stable home to share all this with you. Please help us grow together.

A Home of Our Own

Dawn Mountain offers teachings in Houston and online worldwide.

We nurture a committed cohort of students – sharing classic Buddhist teachings as well as fresh Buddhist practices that come to us through Anne and Harvey’s uniquely close relationship with Ad.zom Rinpoche and Jetsunma Khacho Wangmo – helping to translate their teachings and practices for a Western audience.

We have made this happen in rented spaces but our growing community needs and is ready to create a new home of our own in Houston.

So we ask for your help. We wholeheartedly believe that as friends and members of Dawn Mountain we are in a position to raise the funds needed to obtain a property that will secure our near-term future and move us toward Ad.zom Rinpoche’s ultimate vision for Dawn Mountain.

We seek to raise at least $400,000 by the end of 2018 as the bedrock phase of this effort.

Our Vision and Values

We are here to inspire all seekers to develop skills for living, including mindfulness and compassion, to instruct new and advanced students in the contemplative, artistic and healing practices of Tibetan Buddhism in collaboration with Western and Asian teachers, and to support living Buddhist culture in Asia.

We at Dawn Mountain value:

  • Realizing our natural state of mind – mindfulness and awareness
  • Developing heartfelt concern for others – sympathy and compassion
  • Learning about Tibetan Buddhist traditions in ways meaningful to us today
  • Sharing dharma with all interested
  • Expressing gratitude for Dharma and teachers
  • Serving others
  • Supporting Sangha and sense of community

Bedrock Initiative

OM Seeing is the start of love
AH Seeking walks me to love’s room
HUM Vision shows me splendor there
HRI Being knows I am in this home
  -Anne Rigzin Drolma
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Fundraising Goal: $400K to transition to a new home of our own

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