Dharma Explorations

Series of teachings involving mindfulness, buddhist practices and traditions, inclusive of all levels and open to everyone. Teachings are held the first and third Tuesdays of every month, and we have three series a year.

Upcoming Series

Stories and Surprises on the Buddhist Path: Core Mahayana Counsel for Living Well

First and Third Tuesdays 7:00- 8:30 CDT September 7 to December 7

The six perfections are for bringing forward spiritual guidance with respect to the whole framework of our lives. How do we live and practice guided by the twin values of mindful wisdom and embodied compassion? Starting in September and going through the first Tuesday of December, we will explore the teachings of the six perfections. As part of this series, we are very pleased to announce that Dr. Nathaniel Rich, one of the editors active in the current translation of all of the sutras into several modern languages (the 84,000 Project), and a visiting scholar with the Buddhist Texts Translation Initiative recently established at the University of California Santa Barbara in partnership with 84,000, will offer material from his current work that helps shine helpful and sometimes surprising angles on this set of teachings.

Current Series

Connecting Emotionally With Oneself and Others: Mindfulness and compassion in daily life.

First and Third Tuesdays 7:00- 8:30 June 1 to August 17

A secular approach to exploring how mindfulness and compassion practice can be in deep support of learning more about oneself and improve relating to others.  In accord with emotional intelligence theory, the course focuses upon the internal processes of self-awareness and self-regulation.  This understanding allows us to apply our knowledge to our social awareness and relationship skills – an excellent course for anyone seeking to add to both their personal and/or professional toolbox.  It offers us ways to freshen our sense of ourselves, skills in interrupting dysfunctional patterns of communication, and deepening our rewarding connections with others.

The course is a commitment to anyone seeking a better understanding of ourselves and how we relate to others.  For those who complete full attendance and submit an evaluation of the course, a certificte for 9 CEU (Social Work) will be offered.