Dzogchen Cycles II

Heart Essence Transmissions 

2020– 2023


The Heart Essence Transmissions is Dawn Mountain’s second three-year Dzogchen Cycles program. It is inspired by Ad.Zom Rinpoche’s revelation of several different Heart Essence lineage treasures. Over the past ten years, he has gradually shared these with our teachers, Lama Rigzin Drolma and Lama Namgyal Dorje. Deeply inspired by this, and in close consultation with Rinpoche, Anne and Harvey have created a program that draws comprehensively from Ad.Zom Rinpoche’s Heart Essence transmissions.

This program offers a complete path from the early stages of practice to an ever-deepening appreciation of the vast view of Dzogchen teachings. Each student receives individual support, which is both optimal and traditional, and progresses at a pace appropriate for them.

Please see a 3 minute description of Dzogchen Teaching

This unique program is for everyone wishing to commit to ongoing daily practice and regular cycles of personal and group retreats. Students will gain or renew familiarity with core Heart Essence and related teachings, some freshly revealed and taught for the first time, others that, while holding widespread fame, are rarely taught in the West.

How the Path Opens

Our real nature is like a sky lit by love. Our experience of this opens through teacher, deity, and dakini. These symbolize and enhance for us wisdom’s blessings, realizations, and awakened activities. Therefore, the Dzogchen Cycles’ Heart Essence Transmissions offer practices that connect us to them and to the wisdom-love intrinsic to us. 

Paths and Blessings

There are many doors to reality. Ad.Zom Rinpoche has famously observed that everyone is different. He wants to open doors for everyone. Most of us need to open more than one door. Familiarity with different practices and different figures of awakening assures that every part of us gets addressed. It helps  us that these practices open different doors in different ways and in their own mysterious manner. Lamas Rigzin Drolma and Namgyal Dorje have been part of this process for many years and have felt its power. It gives them unparalleled joy to share it with you in tandem with Rinpoche’s close counsel.

Heart Essence Transmissions:  2020-2023 Dzogchen Cycles

Based upon the lamas’ extensive discussion with Rinpoche, they will offer the following major retreats and practices:

Two Wisdom Dakinis from Ad.zom Rinpoche’s Treasure, Osel Nyingthig (Luminous Heart Essence)

Yeshe Tsogyal Dakini Foundations Practice Retreat (May 1st evening – May 6th mid-day ) BROADCAST ONLY

Ad.zom Rinpoche’s Troma Severance from his Luminous Heart Essence (Osel Nyingthig) Cycle (May 8th evening – May 15th mid-day) BROADCAST ONLY

Troma Severance practice retreat (Fall Weekend Retreat)

Prajnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom) and a taste of Ad.zom Rinpoche’s  Manjushri Dzogchen Treasure Cycle (Spring Weekend Retreat)



Further information on the 2020 retreats can be found here 



5-day Practice Retreat  (TBA) Troma or Becoming Yeshe Tsogyal

Ad.zom Rinpoche’s Avalokiteshvara Dzogchen Treasure, from his Lotus Heart Essence (Pema Nyingthig) Cycle

Fall Weekend Retreat (TBA)

Spring Weekend Retreat (TBA)



5-day Practice Retreat (TBA)

Great Bliss Queen practice of Jigme Lingpa, arranged by Ad.zom Rinpoche

Fall Weekend Retreat (TBA)

Spring Weekend Retreat (TBA)



Heart Essence Transmissions Participation

Full participation typically includes one annual 7-day teaching retreat and two weekend retreats with three interactive webinars to support practice of these teachings. Some years may also include a practice retreat, as in the May 2020 of the Heart Essence Transmissions. We strongly advise students to attend in person at least one retreat annually to strengthen both transmissions and community.

A La Carte participation allows students to take select retreats.

For both Full and A La Carte participation, prerequisites may apply to specific retreats. Please click here for retreat descriptions and any prerequisites.

A Final Note on Dzogchen Teachings

Dzogchen is the crowning jewel of the Nyingma (ancient) Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Its radiance illuminates the entire path from beginning to end.  Dzogchen teachings are famous for their simple power and ultimate ease. These teachings were brought to Tibet from India in the eighth century by the great teacher Padmasambhava and have been preserved and developed in a number of profound lineages of transmissions.

For more information on Dzogchen teaching, please see the following videos:

Watch a 30 minute introduction to the program: 

Follow a comprehensive 2-hour Dzogchen Cycles presentation 


Meet the guiding teachers – Learn about Dawn Mountain’s lineage – Learn about the mentoring program

To join our full cycles or a la carte program, apply below.
As Dawn Mountain’s flagship program, Dzogchen Cycles is comprised of our highest practices and teachings. Accordingly, we require that all participants are registered members of Dawn Mountain. Information and registration can be found here.


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