Jigme Lingpa Deep Wisdom 2019

The word Chӧ means to cut or sever. In this vital and uniquely Tibetan practice, we seek direct encounters with wisdom. In particular, we cut through our worst fears and obstructions and dissolve them into wisdom. We sing, we drum, we raise wisdom energy in ourselves and each other. Ad.zom Rinpoche has given us his framework for further empowering Jigme Lingpa’s words, and he emphasized the

power of Chӧ to deepen our realization at this time in Dzogchen Cycles.

Supplemental Video

To prepare for the retreat, please view this video of J and a nun singing Severance. The chants are as follows:
00:00 Melodically sung Mantra (p.3)
00:36 7 line prayer (p.4)
1:05 Praise to the Mother (p.5)
1:13 Close Lineage Prayer (bottom p.5)
1:39 Supplication Prayer (p.7)
2:16 Refuge and Bodhicitta (p.8)
4:40 Prayer of Four Boundless States (p.9)
5:02 Blessings of Guru Yoga (p.10)
5:33 Drum Prelude and Main Practice (p. 11-14)
8:14 Distilled practice (p.15)
9:56 Prayer of Auspiciousness (p.16-17)
12:18 Sharing Merit

To view each of these pieces separately, please check out our playlist.


Giving Dana

Dana is a Sanskrit and Pali word (related to our English “donate”) that connotes the virtue of generosity and giving.