Dzogchen Cycles: Heart Essence Transmission


GURU RINPOCHE -Ang Tsherin Sherpa013

A Three-Year Program of practice, study, and personal growth

Watch the condensed 30 minute version of Anne and Harvey’s description of this program (or watch the full two hour version to hear more about our teachers’ connection to the lineage, Q&A, and more).

Dawn Mountain’s new Dzogchen Cycles program (beginning May 2017 with “prequel” teachings beginning fall 2016) offers a three-year curriculum designed to introduce the modern, Western student of Buddhism to the wonders of one of Tibet’s most celebrated wisdom lineages:  The Heart Essence Vast Expanse (Longchen Nyingthig) cycle of teachings, articulated here through practices our guiding teachers, Anne C. Klein and Harvey Aronson, received from A.dzom Rinpoche, offers a complete path from the early stages of practice to an ever deepening appreciation of the vast view of the Dzogchen teachings.  And that’s what you’re invited to join: A contemporary group practicing ancient teachings, with each student supported by a mentor.

The Dzogchen Cycles curriculum includes one annual in-person retreat and bi-weekly teachings available in person or online.  For full details about the program, click here.

Dzogchen is the crowning jewel of the Nyingma (ancient) Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Its radiance illuminates the entire path from beginning to end.  Dzogchen teachings are famous for their simple power and ultimate ease.  These teachings were brought to Tibet from India in the eighth century by the great teacher Padmasambhava and have been preserved and developed in a number of profound lineages of transmission.

This  is – to our knowledge – the only program drawing comprehensively from Adzom Drukpa and A.dzom Paylo Rinpoche’s Heart Essence Dzogchen transmissions.  Our program offers in a flowing and coherent manner the pith of the traditional stages of learning in the Ancient (Nyingma) Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  For more on Dzogchen Cycles’ lineage, click here.

Most simply, this unique program is for persons wishing to commit to ongoing, daily practice and to regular cycles of personal and group retreats. You will gain or renew familiarity with core Heart Essence teachings that, despite their widespread fame, are rarely taught in the West. You will become well versed in the major practices that Adzom Rinpoche has selected for his students’ attention worldwide.

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Learn more about the lineage of the Dzogchen Cycles program.





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