Dzogchen Cycles’ Heart Essence Lineage

The earliest and most widespread of the Nyingma and Dzogchen wisdom literature is contained in the Heart Essence (Nyingthig) traditions. These are chronicled as beginning with the 8 th century arrival in Tibet of Padmasambhava, as furthered by his contemporary Vimalamitra, and coalesced in the 14 th century by Longchen Rabjam. 

In the 18 th century Jigme Lingpa brought forth the Dzogchen cycle known as Heart Essence, Vast Expanse (Longchen Nyingthig). These teachings were brought vigorously into the 20 th century especially by the great Ad.zom Drukpa (d. 1924), a direct student of Tibetan non-sectarian luminaries, Patrul Rinpoche and Ju Mipham and through vision a direct student of Jigme Lingpa. Adzom Drukpa’s Luminous Secret Vajra Treasures, his commentary on Jigme Lingpa’s work, and other writings are an important part of our program.


Dawn Mountain’s connection with these traditions is very strong. Our own heart teacher, Gyurme Thupten Gyatso, recognized as an incarnation of both Vimalamitra and Jigme Lingpa, is furthering the Longchen Nyingthig today in Tibet.

In addition, Rinpoche’s profoundly inspired teachings and revealed treasures, especially his Clear Light Heart Essence (Ösel Nying Thig) are major contemporary contributions to the Heart Essence lineage.

The classic teachings offered in our program include distilled practices directly transmitted to Lama Rigzin Drolma by Ad.zom Paylo Rinpoche for this purpose. Rinpoche named these distilled gestures a path of natural awakening (sems nyid rang grol), calling it a unique path from seeing to being that spirals through all the teachings of our lineage.

These Heart Essence Treasures, together with their blessings are part of the program’s greater vision.

As circumstances align, there will be involvement with material Rinpoche has asked Lama Rigzin to develop in connection with his newer revelations and the newer Treasures (gter ma) themselves.

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