Dzogchen Cycles: Avalokiteshvara’s Dzogchen Part II

Friday September 30th to Sunday October 2nd

We refresh connection to The Very Heart of Great Compassion from Lotus Heart Essence revealed by A.dzo.m Paylo Rinpoche, also called Avalokitesvara’s Dzogchen, and for the first time introduce the profound Feast (Tshog) of this practice. As with earlier sections, this Feast is direct guidance for recognizing our ultimate mind. If you were not present at the May 2022 retreat, you can still participate by listening to the recording before we meet on October, or commitment to do so at your own pace after this weekend.

You must be an accepted member of our Dzogchen Cycles program to attend. You must also first recieve the teachings from part 1. You can read more about our Dzogchen Cycles program and apply here. Please make a note that you would like to watch part 1 recordings.

If you are already a member of Dzgochen Cycles, please look for the registration link in your inbox.