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Being Human and a Buddha Too: Longchenpa’s Sevenfold Mind-Training for Dzogchen

May 13-19

Online and in-person

Dzogchen, the Great Completeness, is famous for introducing us to the wholeness of our existence. Even though we often feel pulled in so many directions, life feels anything but whole, and very far from awakening. Dzogchen practice shows us a wholeness, a groundless ground, we can never lose. We learn that  humans and buddhas are simply types of experiences, sharing the same ground. 

This retreat takes you to the heart of training in wholeness, moving from the most fundamental teachings of buddhism to discover that there  is no barrier between ordinary and awakened states.

We welcome those of you taking the course for the first time, and also those of you uncovering new depths of these trainings in your practice.

ZHITRO: The Calm and Fierce Deities of our Being

May 20th 7pm to May 25 1:30pm

In life and in death, we rely on these embodiments of awakening. This is one of the core teachings of the Nyingthig Traditions in Tibet, and Adzom Paylo Rinpoche, based on his heart-felt visionary encounter with Mahasiddha Karma Lingpa compiled this practice, which he calls “The Infinite Ritual of the Calm and Fierce, the Actual Three Buddha Dimensions (kāya). “ This practice is also for helping the deceased after  their passing. Powerful blessings from our root teacher accompany every syllable.

We last taught this in 2016. Come and learn, come and refresh. 

Events with Our Lamas in Other Organizations

The events listed below are not hosted by Dawn Mountain. Please reach out to the host organization for any issues with registration.

June 11 Anne teaches at Ganden Chökhor