Dzogchen Cycles

Join Dawn Mountain and members of Ad.zom Rinpoche’s worldwide sangha on a transformative path of practice, study, and personal growth.

Why Dzogchen Cycles?

Dzogchen is the crowning jewel of the Nyingma (ancient) Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Its radiance illuminates the entire path from beginning to end. Inspired and guided by Ad.zom Rinpoche, widely praised as perhaps the greatest Dzogchen master in Tibet today, we have created a program that offers students fundamental teachings and practices. We are particularly blessed to provide access to treasure texts (gter ma) recently revealed by Ad.zom Rinpoche. The program has been praised for enhancing personal experiences of wisdom and compassion, and as a portal to direct realization of our true nature.

Dawn Mountain is blessed to hold lineage teachings from Longchen Rabjam, Jigme Lingpa, and their spiritual heirs, including Ad.zom Paylo Rinpoche and the late Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche, our teacher for several decades. Especially destined for our era and conditions, Dzogchen teachings are a further blossoming of the ancient Dzogchen Nyingthig traditions, which we practice in light of wisdom writings by Longchenpa and Jigme Lingpa.

Why Dzogchen Cycles
Dzogchen Cycles Administration

Dzogchen Cycles Administration

There are two ways in which you can participate in our Dzogchen Cycles program. The Full Cycles program includes three retreats, in-between teachings and a peer mentor. Alternatively, you may participate on an a la carte basis, selecting individual retreats (which may range from $800-$600), with no option for in-between support. Either way, we ask that you submit an application here.

Full Dzogchen Cycles Program

Once accepted, the full program cost is offered with Standard and Full Member options.

  • Standard        $1,875.00
  • Full Member   $1,500.00

These fees include participation in all 3 retreats offered within the year.

As always, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. If you are interested in the program and need to set up different payment options, please contact Jerri at 713-630-0354 or by email at [email protected].


Full Dzogchen Cycles

Full Dzogchen Cycles Program includes:

Three integrated retreats per year: a long retreat in May; Fall weekend retreat in September; Tibetan New Year’s (Losar) weekend retreat February.

Three 90 minutes follow-up, interactive webcasts with Lamas

Peer support zoom meeting every two to three months to discuss their practice and support others.

Access to a Mitra (spiritual friend) who can address questions you have about the practices we are teaching.

Anyone interested in joining Dzogchen Cycles must first apply to the program.

A La Carte Participation

Alternatively, you may participate on an a la carte basis, selecting individual retreats, that do not include in-between support. A la carte options are also offered at Standard and Full Member rates: 

Standard Rates

May Retreat                       $1,275
October Retreat                 $425
February Retreat                $425

Full Member Rates

May Retreat                        $1,020
October Retreat                  $340
February Retreat                 $340

 Please submit an application here. If you are interested in prior retreats, please reach out to us, and we will provide you with a link to register, and after paying the appropriate fee, you can take the class at your discretion (some retreats are limited to those with prior experience).

Past Dzochen Cycles Events

Upon approval of you application, either as a Full Cycles Member or an A La Carté participant, you are eligible to take past Dzogchen Cycles events. Here is a list of the events we have had previously.


Longchenpa’s Seven Trainings

Becoming Guru Rinpoche

Severance Though Offering


Yeshe Tsogyal: Wisdom Dakini Foundations

Secrets of Wisdom

Green Tara Practice Retreat


Yeshe Tsogyal: Accomplishment

Jigme Lingpa Severance: Deep Wisdom

Guru Yoga


Yeshe Tsogyal Practice Retreat

Troma Severance 

Troma Practice Retreat

La Carte Participation