Dzogchen Cycles 2020-2023

Dzogchen Cycles: Heart Essence Transmission 

Our second three-year program of practice, study, and personal growth offers further depth in select practices covered in the first three-year cycle and introduces new practices that are supported by these earlier teachings.

The 2021 – 2022 curriculum deepens practice opportunities for modern, Western Buddhist students. In particular, we offer connection with the wonders of one of Tibet’s most celebrated wisdom lineages, The Heart Essence Vast Expanse (Longchen Nyingthig) cycle of teachings, as well as related cycles. This includes the Luminous Heart Essence (Osel Nyingthig) cycles recently revealed by our teacher in Tibet. These cycles are taught by Lama Rigzin Drolma (Anne C. Klein, PhD.) and Lama Namgyal Dorje (Harvey B. Aronson, PhD.) who have for many years had the golden opportunity to receive personal instruction on these practices from the revealer, Ad.zom Paylo Rinpoche.

The program offers a complete path from the early stages of practice to an ever-deepening appreciation of the vast view of the Dzogchen teachings.

You are invited to watch a condensed version of Anne and Harvey’s description of this program or the full two-hour presentation of the program. This extended video includes our lamas’ connection to the lineage, questions and answers regarding course content, and other topics as well.

Materials from previous cycles are available upon request and as appropriate for new participants.

As a living bridge connecting contemporary life to ancient teachings, we are happy to provide every student in the full Cycles program a trained mentor to assist their path.

We look forward to our journey together.

Dawn Mountain’s 2020 – 2023 Dzogchen Cycles Program

Based on extensive discussion with Ad.zom Paylo Rinpoche, our second three-year program began in 2020 with a formal five-day Yeshe Tsogyal Dakini Foundation practice followed by a one-week teaching and practice of Troma Severance. Both are from APR’s Luminous Heart Essence Cycle and have been archived by Dawn Mountain.

  • Spring 2021 FREEING WISDOM: From Seeing to Being with Lady Wisdom, Prajnaparamita

February 19, 7:00pm to 8:30pm CST and February 20 & 21, 9:00am to 3:00pm CST

An inspired sky-pearl through the blessings and brief words of the incomparable Ad.zom Paylo Rinpoche. Titled by him Sem Nyi Rang Grol (Mind Nature Freeing Itself) and Nyam Nyi Rang Grol (Self-Freeing Sameness), these teachings were bestowed on Rigzin Drolma in Tibet.

This is the closing retreat of the 2020 – 2021 year of Dzogchen Cycles!

To participate, an application is required. Please learn more and apply here.

  • Becoming Yeshe Tsogyal: Dakini Foundation and Accomplishment Practice from the Luminous Heart Essence (Osel Nyingthig)

April 30, 2021 to May 9, 2021 – Times to be Announced

The retreat centers on the Yeshe Tsogyal Dakini Foundational and Accomplishment Practices. Previous participation in the Dawn Mountain 2018 Yeshe Tsogyal Foundational Practice retreat is required and teachings are available upon request. This requirement may also be fulfilled through previous participation at any of Tara Mandala’s teachings on this same cycle.

During the retreat, we will offer three days for revitalizing and enriching the teaching. Thereafter, the curriculum consists of four sessions of formal daily practice (Drub Cho). Brief individual sessions with teachers, as much as time permits, will be included as well. These will be scheduled according to date of individual registration.

2021 – 2022 Weekend Retreats

  • 2021 Fall – October 1-3 2021

Embodying the Elements    

  • 2022 Spring – February 11- 13 2022

Dakini Element Practice 

  • 2022 May – Exact Dates and Times Forthcoming

Selections from Ad.zom Paylo Rinpoche’s teachings to be determined in consultation with him. 

  • 2022 Fall through 2023 May – In Development

The curriculum will be guided by the teachings to date and in consultation with Rinpoche.

The full Dzogchen Cycles curriculum includes one annual seven-to-ten-day teaching retreat and two weekend retreats and access to a trained mentor for the program if requested. Additionally, three interactive webinars are provided to support practice of these teachings. Some years will include a formal practice retreat and a teaching practice retreat, either independently or attached to the May retreat.

We strongly recommend that students attend at least one retreat annually in person as it strengthens both transmission and community.

The A La Carte option allows participants to take select retreats appropriate to their background. Upon application, our lamas may suggest ideal starting points for individual situations. For full details about the program, including more information on 2021, please click <here>.

No prior experience is required to join the program. Everyone is welcome to apply.  Participation in all formal practice retreats such as our Yeshe Tsogyal 2021 requires having previously received the teachings. If accepted, you may take our 2018 and, ideally, 2019 Yeshe Tsogyal retreats online before May 2021.

The Crowning Jewel – Dzogchen

Dzogchen, also known as the Great Completeness, is the crowning jewel of the Tibetan Old School or Nyingma traditions. Its radiance illuminates the entire path from beginning to end.  Dzogchen teachings are famous for their simple power and ultimate ease. These teachings were brought to Tibet from India in the eighth century by the great teacher Padmasambhava and have been preserved and developed in a number of profound lineages of transmission. Our program offers in a flowing and coherent manner the pith of the traditional stages of learning in the Ancient (Nyingma) Tibetan Buddhist tradition. 

This program draws comprehensively from Adzom Drukpa and Ad.zom Paylo Rinpoche’s Heart Essence Dzogchen transmissions with an eye towards application to modern times. In addition to the Luminous Heart Essence, Rinpoche has the Lotus Heart Essence and Manjushri Dzogchen, among others.

Most simply, this unique program is for those wishing to commit to ongoing daily practice and regular cycles of personal and group retreats. Students will gain or renew familiarity with core Heart Essence teachings that, despite their widespread fame, are rarely taught in the West. Students will become well versed in the significant practices that Ad.zom Paylo Rinpoche has selected for his students’ attention worldwide.

 For those new to the teachings, we suggest beginning with specific pieces of past teachings that provide the necessary support for engaging in our second three-year program. It is our goal to tailor each student’s practice to fit their specific needs. Past years’ programs are available, listed here. 

This page will be updated with more information and details as they become available.  Please register for our newsletter to receive updates on all Dawn Mountain programs.

We accept new and advanced students at all times. Please consider joining our Dzogchen community by applying here.

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