Dzogchen Cycles Fee Schedule

We have moved to a tiered system of paying tuition, recognizing that people who register at the $1800 level are supporting programming for those at the lower tiers. There are 4-tiers of payment for the Full Cycles program.

$1800/$1500/$1250/$750 annually

$150/$125/$108/$65 monthly

Dawn Mountain recognizes that people have vastly different financial abilities to pay for

programming. If you are unable to pay the $750 annual tuition, we want to give you the option to attend Dzogchen Cycles. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Dawn Mountain Membership is required for admittance to Cycles.

Basic Membership $240 annually/ $20 monthly.

Full Membership $480 annually/ $40 monthly. Beyond meeting the requirement for Cycles, you will also get  will get a 20% discount to other programming.