Dzogchen Cycles Mentoring

Unique features of the program include: ongoing contact for students with senior Dawn Mountain practitioners (mitras, spiritual friends) who are in training to support newer students; a closed online chat conversation for participants; periodic online facilitated  group support conversation; and at least one annual individual meeting with Lama Rigzin or Lama Namgyal.  We currently have mitras in training who are fluent Spanish and German speakers, and we hope to be able to accommodate students who prefer to conduct their contact with mitra in one of those languages.

In short, during this three year period you will get an in-depth grounding in texts and practice traditions central to Dzogchen. You will receive this at a pace and in a context that maximizes your ability to digest and benefit from these teachings.

Should space no longer be available for the full mentored program, or should your situation at this time not be harmonious with the full and mentored program, we are open to your attending those classes and  retreats that work for you in person (space permitting) or online.  At your request, we will place you on a waiting list for the fully mentored Dzogchen Cycles program should places open in the future.  

We look forward to being with you and sharing this precious practice mandala together!