Dzgochen is teachings from Nyingma lineage from APR and lamas Anne and Harvey. Our Dzogchen Cycles is a year-long curriculum of 3 retreats and monthly meetings, created with the intention you will take multiple years to deepen your practice.


We encourage those of you who want to deep your overall practice and understanding of Dzogchen to take our Full Cycles program. Each year is carefully planned so that its retreats support and strengthened each other, and also complement previous years. Your learning is additionally supported because you have access to a mentor, a senior student whom we have trained to help guide you, you are also invited to a peer bi-monthly peer support group, as well as follow-ups to each of our three retreats so as to give you more time to process and received feedback on it. All included in your annual Cycles fee.

  • Week- Long retreat in May
  • Weekend retreats in fall and following spring
  • Peer Support meetings
  • Follow Up meetings with lamas to support your practice.

This Year’s Retreats:

Great Compassionate One

May 7- 13

Seeing to Being

Friday Sept 29 through Sunday October 1


Losar Retreat 

Friday February 9th through Sunday February 11th, 2024


The joining process


Filling out the application gives our lamas a picture of your practice history and if this program is right for you.


Chose to be Full Cycles or A-la Carte


We ask for dedication & commitment in your support of Dawn Mountain.

Past Programs


Longchenpa’s Seven Trainings

Becoming Guru Rinpoche

Severance Though Offering


Yeshe Tsogyal: Wisdom Dakini Foundations

Secrets of Wisdom

Green Tara Practice Retreat


Yeshe Tsogyal: Accomplishment

Jigme Lingpa Severance: Deep Wisdom

Guru Yoga


Yeshe Tsogyal Practice Retreat

Troma Severance 

Troma Practice Retreat


Yeshe Tsogyal 2021

Embodying the Elements

Dakini Element Practice


Avalokiteshvara’s Dzogchen

Avalokiteshvara’s Dzogchen Part II

Liberation Through Hearing

Dzogchen is the crowning jewel of the Nyingma (ancient) Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Its radiance illuminates the entire path from beginning to end. Inspired and guided by Ad.zom Rinpoche, widely praised as perhaps the greatest Dzogchen master in Tibet today, we have created a program that offers students fundamental teachings and practices. We are particularly blessed to provide access to treasure texts (gter ma) recently revealed by Ad.zom Rinpoche. The program has been praised for enhancing personal experiences of wisdom and compassion, and as a portal to direct realization of our true nature.


Dawn Mountain is blessed to hold lineage teachings from Longchen Rabjam, Jigme Lingpa, and their spiritual heirs, including Ad.zom Paylo Rinpoche and the late Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche, our teacher for several decades. Especially destined for our era and conditions, Dzogchen teachings are a further blossoming of the ancient Dzogchen Nyingthig traditions, which we practice in light of wisdom writings by Longchenpa and Jigme Lingpa.

2023- 2024 Fee Schedule for Dzogchen Cycles

Dawn Mountain utilizes a tiered pricing system:

Lowest tier–A below-cost option to embrace the desire to contribute by those who may not be able to meet cost. ♥

Second tier–Supports the operational costs for your attendance at this event. 

Third tier–Enhances dawn mountain’s sustainability and build towards growth.

Fourth tier–An offering beyond cost makes our operational policy to never turn anyone away due to financial need possible! 

Full Cycles: $1695/$1395/$1095/$795

Monthly Full Cycles: $150/$125/$108/$70

A la Carte May retreat: $900/$750/$600/$450

A la Carte Weekend retreats: $475/$400/$325/$250

*If you are unable to pay the lowest tier, please contact Jerri at [email protected].

At Dawn Mountain we are cognizant of rising prices everywhere, and we are trying to do our part to help combat these while encouraging equalization in our pricing to leave opportunities to participate in our other programs and fundraisers.

Membership is required to join Dzogchen Cycles. We have two levels of membership that can be paid on a recurring monthly or annual basis. If you are participating for the first time, we will waive this requirement, but do expect that you will become a member if you would like to continue.

Basic Membership –$240/yr or $20/mo

Full Membership – $480/yr or $40/mo With this level of membership, you will not be charged for participation in our Teaching Tuesday series and you will receive a 20% discount on all non-tiered programming offered at Dawn Mountain.