Our Lama’s Events in Other Communities

Mysterious Virtue of Patience: Its Place in Buddhist Practice and in Psychotherapy with Harvey Aronson/ Lama Namgyal Dorje

August 3 Online via Tibethaus, Frankfurt

Patience is a mystery. What allows us to be patient? While there are very inspiring teachings in our Buddhist traditions that encourage us to do so, there are perhaps two areas that cause us concern. (1) advice on meeting hostility with love; and (2) difficulty meeting with patience. These require a certain differentiation. In modern psychotherapy there is a wonderful bridge that makes use of long-suffering, which can enable a much more tolerant and understanding attitude towards difficulties, and which can deepen the connectedness. The speaker will be explicit about how we can work with the difficult behaviors of others and our own anger. There is also a form of wisdom in the classical and modern tradition.

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Ignorance in Buddhism-Defense in Psychotherapy: Effectively Weakening Two Form of Not-Knowing with Harvey Aronson/ Lama Namgyal Dorje

August 5 Online via Tibethaus, Frankfurt

Everyone of us who has dealt with Buddhist practice has some idea of ​​”ignorance” in the Buddhist context. We may be less familiar with ignorance in the form of defense in a psychotherapeutic / emotional context. In a way, I think the reason meditators still have significant relationship / professional difficulties is because they haven’t dealt with the defended aspects of their experience. Many meditators fear opening up to emotional experiences. In what I hope to be a supportive, compassionate environment, I try to instill a compassionate understanding

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Green Tara via Tibethaus, Frankfurt and Bodhicarya, Berlin with Anne C. Klein/ Lama Rigzin Drolma

August 6-8 Online

The female Buddha Green Tara is nimble as the wind when it comes to responding to our pain and fear. So we call her for gentle support. On another level, we practice tara to become her. All of their enlightened qualities are already within us. This weekend is for you to immerse yourself in Tara’s blessings and vision and learn that Tara’s Pure Land is not far away. We sing
and imagine through the poetic simplicity of the widely loved Green Tara Liturgy by Adzom Drukpa (1842-1924), from his famous Secret Luminous Vajra Treasury,
as received by the incomparable Adzom Paylo Rinpoche. We become Tara by encountering her within ourselves, developing her qualities of trust, ease, and quick compassion in the style of practice known as drub-lam, a path of perfection. All are welcome.

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Naturally Free: From Seeing to Being with Lady Wisdom, Prajnaparamita via Barre Center for Buddhist Studies with Anne C Klein/ Lama Rgizin Drolma

Friday, August 13 – Sunday, August 15th 
An introduction to the Great Mother, the perfection of wisdom personified. With this in mind, we will explore four distilled practices- seeing, seeking, sensing, and being- that mark the movement from dualistic seeing to the wholeness of being. You’ll receive a short practice text to support your bringing this practice home and furthering what you learn at your own pace.  
This teaching is inspired by the blessings and brief words of the incomparable Ad.zom Paylo Rinpoche of Tibet. Titled by him Sem Nyi Rang Grol (Mind Nature Freeing Itself) and Nyam Nyi Rang Grol (Self-Freeing Sameness). 

This event is hosted by the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. More information and registration here.