Experiencing Dawn Mountain Online

Our Dawn Mountain sangha is not limited by time or space- all events are streamed live worldwide, as well as recorded for viewing on your own schedule. 

Those who join us live will find the experience is not just passive, you can actively engage and participate in our events!

Here’s how:

Live on Zoom

The most interactive way to join the community is to join us live on zoom! 

On zoom you will see other participants joining us live through zoom, participate in partner exercises, as well as ask questions and share your experience with the teachers live! The teachers will be able to see and hear you, as well as address you personally.

A chat room function will allow you to chat with other zoom participants, as well as Dawn Mountain broadcasters who can answer questions, troubleshoot issues, or take names for the dedication book.

Many Dawn Mountain sangha members have made longtime long-distance friendships through zoom participation! Most events, retreats, workshops have a zoom option (First Sundays and Sunday Meditations do not). 

Live on Youtube

If you prefer a more private and passive experience, you can watch our events live on youtube. No one will see or hear you, but with a youtube login you can use the youtube chat to ask Dawn Mountain broadcasters questions or add names to the dedication book.  

Our dynamic broadcast will allow you to see in person members as they ask questions, as well as zoom members who are speaking.

Live on Youtube experiences a delay of up to a minute and a half.

Recorded on Youtube

If our event simply does not fit into your schedule, you can watch a recording of the live youtube stream anytime after the event.

Youtube live streams are recorded as they happen, and are available immediately at the end of the event!

Getting there

Here is detailed instructions how to participate through these methods. 

How to: Youtube

Public events such as First Sunday and Sunday meditation can be found by visiting our YouTube Channel, www.youtube.com/c/dawnmountain

When these are “Live” you will see the live event highlighted!

If you are participating in a registered event, such as a retreat or a workshop, you will find the links on your event home page, along with the schedule. To join us live you will use the link on the day and time it is scheduled. Once the event is over, the same links will lead you to the recording and you can watch at any time!

How to: Zoom

Zoom is available only for registered events.  You need to download the “Zoom Cloud Meeting” program to your phone or computer, and create an account.

Your event home page will have a “Zoom Meeting Link” that will directly take you to the meeting via computer. Alternatively you can open zoom and “join a meeting” where you will be asked to type in a 9 digit meeting ID number. This number is on your event home page under the Zoom Meeting Link.  

Before you join us for the first time, please test your microphone and speaker. When you’ve joined us for the meeting we ask you keep your microphone muted unless we come to a time in the event for questions and sharing. The lamas will call on you when it is your turn. 

You can also dial in by phone if for some reason using a computer or smart phone is not an option. You’ll be able to hear what’s going on, however you won’t be able to see anyone and no one can see you. It’s not ideal, but if for some reason it is the only way you can join the process is simple. Find your local number here: https://zoom.us/u/aeFAZzMjZx and give it a call. When you are asked for a meeting ID, dial the numbers of the meeting ID on your event page. On call you may dial *6 to mute or unmute yourself. *9 allows you to raise your hand to ask a question. 

For your convenience, here are two videos; how to join a zoom meeting via computer, and how to test your camera and audio.

How to: Partner Exercises

Our partner exercises may be the most exciting engaging piece of our online experience! 

By partnering online participants with those live in the room, we dissolve the distance that divides us. 

If you are participating in the event via zoom, partnering is very easy for you! 

Once the instructions for the activity as been given, there will be a few moments of pause, and you will see local attendees begin to appear on the zoom meeting with you. Once all locals have joined Zoom, you will see a pop-up inviting you to “join a breakout room.” Accept the invitation, and you will find yourself in your own zoom meeting, with a partner there waiting for you. A broadcaster will be timing the exercise, and reminders will appear on the top of your screen letting you know when it’s time to move on. When the exercise comes to a close, you will see a 1 minute countdown on the screen until you are returned to the original meeting with everyone else. 

Those attending in person, you can join zoom via your phone!

You can dial in as described above, or download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app and login. You’ll join using the same meeting ID as everyone else, listed on the event page. Being in the room and in the meeting creates a horrible echo, so you will only do this immediately prior to the partner exercise. Once everyone has joined the meeting, you will see an invitation to join a “breakout room.” Accept your invitation, and you will find yourself in a room with your partner.

Sometimes you’ll find yourself alone in a breakout room without a partner. Often this means your partner has not accepted their invite. Dawn Mountain Broadcasters are able to see who is and isn’t in their rooms, and will try to work to help your partner to join you. If we are unsuccessful we will alert you.