Finding Connection in a Disconnected World

November 15, 6.30-8.30 PM Online only

Presented by Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism


Remember what it feels like when you connect with someone? Maybe in a supportive text exchange or someone helped you in a small way. Sometimes it is easy to forget about these small moments of connection, but they touch into a much larger need, which we wish to have connection and support. When we feel supported, we relax, knowing that our needs are met and our hearts may open. We have energy to share ourselves with others, which brings a sense of connection.


Please join two instructors from Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism in Houston, Texas for a conversation on finding and feeling connection and support in today’s world. Dr. Nathaniel Rich and Dr. Renée Ford share the importance of feeling supported and connected in everyday life. We look at how these two factors help us be grateful for our lives and the supportive people we encounter. Gratitude and understanding how we all desire connection and support may also help us to develop kindness towards each other. Join Dr. Rich and Dr. Ford to explore how we touch into cultivating kindness and compassion.