Lama Tenzin All Creating Majesty 2021- Join Us!

Friday November 5 through Sunday November 7

In this retreat, Lama Tenzin Samphel-la will continue his exquisite and practical teaching on Longchen Rabjam’s discussion of the All Creating Majesty (Kun byed rgyal po), the most important of the ancient Dzogchen Tantras on the Mind Class of Dzogchen teachings. This material articulates most precisely the intrinsic purity of mind, and explains how this is the majestic creator of everything. The meditations and descriptions it offers are a perfect bridge between Sutra/Tantric teachings and Dzogchen itself. 

If you ask, why begin now in year four?  Lama Tenzin Samphel-la is an extremely gifted teacher for Western students.  In every year of his teachings, he has included meditations and guidance  that are suitable for both beginning students and the more advanced.  For those starting in this year, year four, we will send a transcript of year one and encourage you to catch up on the prior years at your own pace.

If you did not attend the last years’ teachings, we especially encourage you to watch the archived broadcasts. You may find previous teachings here: