Life and Times of Adzom Drukpa Continued

Two Saturdays June 4 & 11, 9:00 am to 11:00 am CST

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We continue the story of Adzom Drukpa, founder of the famous Adzom Gar and the father of our own Adzom Rinpoche in his most recent previous life, who is known for his brilliant teaching of Dzogchen, yet most of us know very little about his life. Adzom Gyalse returns to share central episodes of his life—including his being kidnapped during a period of political unrest, as well as his important visions of Jigme Lingpa—that are described in the biography written by Adzom Drukpa’s famous son, Gyurme Dorje (of whom Adzom Gyalse is a reincarnation) and who was our Adzom Rinpoche’s brother in their previous life. 

He will also draw on the shorter autobiography of Adzom Drukpa himself. 

Come join us for stories and more that are an open avenue to this lineage, and to the development of Heart Essence, Vast Expanse in the 20th century in Tibet.

Archived videos of the previous two teachings are available to purchase. You may do so here.